About us

Misechko.Accounting is part of Misechko & Partners law firm providing legal services since 2009.

The need to create Misechko.Accounting is caused by higher demand for accounting and personnel services among the clients of Misechko & Partners, mostly foreign companies and representative offices.

Due to vast experience in serving foreign companies and representative offices, Misechko.Accounting specialists are ready to help businesses deal with accounting, HR record management, optimize taxes and maintain financial stability of your company.

If you are still thinking about outsourcing your financial and accounting functions, then selecting the right partner is crucial. By choosing this method of accounting, you will hire not only an accountant, HR specialist, but also a reliable consultant, analyst and attorney-at-law that will be a valuable contribution to your business.

Our objective is to provide our Clients with a comprehensive solution covering accounting, HR and legal services. Our experience in all the foregoing areas serves our Clients with confidence in an ever-changing legal and tax environment, allowing them to focus on their core activities.